Tom “durrr” Dwan’s Million Dollar Poker Challenge

tom-dwan-19775Tom “durrr” Dwan’s Million Dollar Poker Challenge is comprised of 50,000 poker hands at tables with stakes of $200/$400 or more. After the last hand, whoever has the biggest bankroll will either win $1.5 million from Dwan, or Dwan will win $500,000 of his opponent’s money.

It wasn’t long after Dwan’s challenge that Phil Ivey took Dwan up and agreed to compete… and then David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius followed. These are three of the biggest names in online and live poker. Phil Ivey is a five-time WSOP bracelet winner, Benyamine has one bracelet, and although Antonius has more than $750K in WSOP winnings, he doesn’t wear a bracelet. Dwan has no WSOP bracelets either, but these guys are just about all in the same league, expect for Ivey, who blows them all away. Online opinion polls show that Dwan has no chance against Ivey. Although there are some who believe this whole thing is hype and the challenge will never actually take place or that Dwan will never follow through and end up paying out of his pocket when he doesn’t complete the challenge. But Dwan is a pretty cool guy who would not likely make such a joke out of himself.

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There are questions though, surrounding the challenge. Like when and where it will take place. It is most likely thatFullTilt Poker will win the free advertisement off this one. Ivey is with FullTilt and both Benyamine and Dwan are known to play at FullTilt. Ivey would not be able to play anywhere else online anyway because his Team FullTilt contract prevents him from doing so. There will also have to be someone neutral to monitor the players and ensure all Dwan’s rules are being followed fairly.

Some might remember back in October 2008 when Dwan attempted to organize a $50K heads-up online challenge with the best of 3 or 5 no limit hold ‘em matches, with a starting chip stack of $300, and blinds would stay the same. This challenge never materialized, but apparently Dwan loves the competitive aspect of poker just as much as he does all the money he wins. By the way, he’s already a top-runner for the biggest winner of 2009.

Poker Challenge between Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey

1322Tom Dwan, known affectionately by his poker fans as “durrrr,” has issued an online poker challenge to anyone who has the guts and the bankroll to take it. It is a “heads-up challenge to the world,” according to Dwan. A Bluff Magazine article introduced the challenge, and then Dwan later expounded in a post on the 2 + 2 forum.

Dwan’s original statement in Bluff explained:

“I’m making this heads-up challenge to the world. Anyone can accept. Four tables, minimum of $200/$400, and I’ll put up $1.5 million to their $500,000. We play 50,000 hands minimum and if they end up a dollar after rake they keep the side money or whatever. So basically, if you and I played and you won a dollar, you would get my $1.5 million and if I won a dollar I would win your $500,000.

“So I’m giving a million dollars free if anyone thinks they can do it.”

In a 2+2 Forum post, Dwan made some clarifications about the challenge, and added a disclaimer that his good friend and fellow poker player, Phil Galfond, was excluded from the challenge. Galfond says he takes his exclusion from the challenge as “one of the highest compliments I’ve received as a poker Challenge player.”

Dwan explained what prompted the challenge: “I don’t get enough people to play me heads up. Even though there is more money to be made in other games, rather than playing heads up at one or two tables, it’s so interesting and you learn a lot, I think I might have an edge here, but it’s more to have fun and gamble a bit. That’s why I’m making this challenge.”

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The fact that a high-stakes online poker player is going outside the box and has creating his very own promotional event, is a first, and might be a new trend that other poker pros will copy. It’s actually not surprising that this challenge has surfaced; no one else loves a challenge as much as a poker Challenge player.

And apparently, Phil Ivey couldn’t resist the challenge before calling Dwan and accepting after only one day to think about it. Ivey said, “Somebody’s probably going to go broke… That’s a lot of money, and a lot of time choi bai.”

Other players (e.g. David Benyamine) say they are thinking about it, but only Ivey has officially accepted.

You Can Quit Today With Poker Online Addiction Help!

4378Poker online addiction is among individuals types of addiction that’s so desperately to understand since it doesn’t participate in drug abuse for example smoking or drugs. But similar to the two types of addiction, Poker onlineis an extremely rampant activity. And far towards the delight of those bettors, it’s quickly becoming out of control online. The set-up is much like what casino, aside from the particular interaction of those involved.

Everything is simply a click away. However, similar to the real factor, Poker online is very addictive along with a troubling experience for anybody who does not possess the self-control needed to go in the field of Poker. As soon as you receive hooked on Poker, the body responds towards the whole process in different ways.

Normally, your body releases chemical-like hormones that cause you to feel good once you begin winning. When you get this exhilarating experience, you will need the need to win many obtain the “high” from the gamble. Normal reasoning is tossed the window and there’s no remorse for that money and time spent when betting. This really is generally what it really seems like anywhere, whether you’re in a casino or perhaps in your pc Poker your time and effort away.

You will find a lot of people who’ve become Poker online addicts, from underage teens to seniors alike. Once addicted, these folks don’t know when you should stop until they’re lower for their last cent or they’re already heavily indebted. Your brain from the gambler always looks and hopes the next huge win is simply a couple of more tables or clicks away.

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Similar to any kind of dependency, being addicted on betting migh result to immense financial and relationship troubles. A couple of programs happen to be designed to help these folks in need of assistance. GA, or Bettors Anonymous is among individuals that focus on the requirements of Poker addicts. Others include online help programs, hypnotherapy, or psychological programs made by your own mental health specialist.
Many addicts are turning the internet help because it is the quickest method of getting the various tools required to quit Poker today. Online assistance to quit Poker could be used immediately.

For many, the addiction began out as something to while away time and merely attempting to have enough time during break. But when a feeling of control is gradually losing as well as your world begins turning around online betting sites, you might have more severe problem than you believe.
Evidently this is simply the initial step along the way to kick your Poker habit permanently. If you are searching to prevent Poker now and haven’t been effective previously then click the link to assert your free 10 step intend to quit Poker today.


Internet Casino Games

5-Orang-Legenda-Poker-Paling-TerkenalPlaying Poker at a casino can be great fun and a terrific way to enjoy your vacation getaway. There are a lot of different kinds of Instant Casino games ranging from bejeweled slots machines and video poker to table games like blackjack and craps to live keno and sports book. They each have their own sets of rules that you need to follow at a casino Games. Internet Casino Games Sports book particularly offers wagering on sports action like football, basketball, Instant Banking, horse racing or just about anything that has set odds. After you set up your account, you are prepared to go. You place your bets on a particular team or individual winning an event. If you win, you harvest the rewards of the payout. This can be a huge way to enjoy a sporting event even for those who do not think themselves much of a sports fan. Any time you have something riding on a game, it surely helps out and can make your viewing of the game that much more pleasurable.

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Popularity of poker

Poker’s popularity touches the heights in the 21st century, mainly because of the beginning of online poker and the discovery of the hole-card camera, which twisted the game into an audience sport. Many sites on internet offer the free online poker facilities and online poker software. Today on internet poker calculators are available which develop your knowledge of poker odds as you can compute as many scenarios as you like. This online Poker calculator automatically reads cards at online poker games. With the increase in popularity strip poker and ewc strip poker are introduced which are adult nasty poker you can also play and enjoy the video strip poker by sitting at home or play free strip poker and free poker.

History and Game Play of Poker

poker_cardsThe history of poker is an issue of some discusses and argues. The name of the game probably descended from the French poque, which descended from the German pochen (‘to knock’). Up till now it is not obvious whether the origins of poker itself lie with the games bearing those names. It is very much resembles the Persian game of as nas, and may have been trained to French colonizer in New Orleans by Persian sailors.

It is normally consider as sharing origin with the Renaissance game of texas poker primero and the French brelan. The English game brag is without any doubt descended from brelan and included bluffing. It is fairly possible that all of these previous games influenced the progress of poker as it exits now.

Poker is played in a huge number of variations, but the majority followed the same basic outline of play. Progressive slot games have the biggest payouts in the online mobile casino. Visit the iPhone casino and play Mega Moolah and, if you’re lucky, win one of the four progressive slots. And if you’re really lucky, you just might go home with the mega jackpot.

The right to deal each hand usually rotates between the players and is marked by a token called a ‘dealer’ button or buck. In a casino, a house dealer holds the cards for each hand, but a button is rotated clockwise between the players to signify a nominal dealer to settle the order of betting.

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The dealer mix up the cards and the suitable amount of cards are dealt to the players. After the first deal, the first of what may be numerous betting rounds started. At the finish of every round, all bets are collected into the central pot. During a betting round, if a player makes a bet, then it is necessary for opponents to fold, call or rise. If any player bets and no other player want to match the bet, the hand ends instantly and that player is awarded with the pot, and the next hand initiate.

Finally at the finish of the last betting round, if more than one player survives then there is a showdown, in which the players expose their earlier unseen cards and evaluate their hands. The player with the top hand according to the poker variant being played be the victor and win the pot.

Getting on the Thrill With Live Blackjack Games

blackjack-dealershotMore people are casino online that evidence. The irresistible attraction of these recreational facilities, developed countries of their games to be more interesting and fun when you join to play live blackjack or roulette live and free casinos were first seen in France for more than three centuries, and has been some changes since then, but the rules and the main features are still intact. The changes are due to the time the game can also be adjusted and changed in the modern era. However, exceptional games like blackjack and remain so popular in the brick and mortar casino or online gaming website, and were much more interesting because of the newly added features.

As mentioned above, live blackjack games are played for the first time and has been in France, where it all started. Who has become popular was the Sun King, Louis XIV, and during his time in the 21 The rule of the game to find the points or about 21, but not beyond it was a rule that has never changed even in modern times. This rule states that any person who has a score close to 21, but not more than 21 wins.

More than a century after its introduction in France, the game became a sensation in the U.S., as it connects to the Americans and the growing interest. It has continued to attract many people, and is always a popular sentiment, even in this time when people. Already accessed the game over the Internet Despite current events, leaving the essential aspects of the game is obtained from its current promoters, but there were some changes in the scoring system. The original is now called Twenty blackjack, which can be attributed to the presence of large jack of spades in the modern adaptation of the game.

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Reading Tips

You can play this game in brick and mortar casinos or online play, and the rules of the game are basically similar, but expect some minor changes. The live version on the Internet has been very popular in most beginners (no casino experience, but just curious) and benefits (with experience in casinos and still want to explore the online versions).

Today you can sit at your home computer and enjoy various games like blackjack and winning scores against other players online from home or anywhere in their private boundaries. If you want to play in online casinos, you should find a casino website trustworthy, what should be the first step. If you are a beginner, you should know that the most important is the safety and security of your personal information and your money, then opt for a free account while you are still learning the game 啤 牌. You can play with real money account, if you have mastered the correct techniques. If you wonder why the live blackjack are popular, then perhaps it’s time to find out for themselves.

Tired of Crowded Poker Site? Try The New One

5857806294_1256f1d949_bIf you are a poker individually what, but it’s the same ole, tired occupied sites, you may be curious acerca have any chance, some of the smaller, less visited by Chan as cakes Poker Site and Sun Poker Site. These pages are perhaps not as popular as most major sites but Flowers some good points. Small sites are not as crowded and often very good deals to attract new players. In this article we will describe some of the best poker sites, less known.

  • Chan Poker Room: Yes, that is the founder of this site Johnny Chan, who has won 10 WSOP bracelets. He created his own website. A newcomer has online, the site is not up [other Web sites reached | Other game sites that some of his other acquaintances. A member of the Ongame poker network and offers one of the largest deposits of games the gaming industry. They are one hundred percent corresponds to the first deposit, up to one thousand U.S. dollars.
  • Pico, there are over ten thousand players online at the same time, Quebec quite low compared some of the major sites of the amount. The site has really big tournaments. In fact, it is one of the best attributes of ‘them. Always a good zero and funds are secured over $ 150,000. This is a tournament of this kind “Mad Tilt All In” very decent. This is a very fast paced game with a hundred chips and blinds start at 10/20 played.

Competition play in the poker room Chan is pretty bad. This is really great for people who are highly qualified. Good players can earn some money from me, who earn more than starters, or players with low skills.

  • Cake Poker: This website is global. People all over the world can be found playing here. They provide good security and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offer a $ 500 bonus. There are $ 52,000 payments and provide $ 52 million in monthly tournament.

About a period only 1000 players simultaneously. It is a very small amount. However, if you want a more intimate setting, or just want to learn to play poker, you may be interested in a smaller game.

  • Sun Poker: This Poker Site was launched in 1999. It is regulated and authorized by the European Union (EU). Not a big place and does not allow U.S. players to play.

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Sun Poker may not be as popular but offer big bonuses. There is a new player bonus of $ 500, which does not require a deposit. There is also a new RPG Free $ 10k. For people who do not understand the game and want to learn, Sun provides tutorials, how to play poker.

In fact, you do not have to visit the largest sites and more popular for a great game of inches, some of the smaller poker sites great promotions, bonuses, promotions, support and exceptional customer service, have a good sense of community. So do not automatically excluded because they are small Web site.

Poker Instruction Videos – Real Poker Training Review

mpcc-celina-linOnline poker is big business these days, and come with the explosion of online poker is a generation of online players to make a living from poker. These are the “mills” who know the tactics to make a generous online income tax free. Would not it be nice to be in this tactic to get out? Would not it be great to see exactly how – and why – they play their cards right, one of the parties is an exact match tactics? Well, that’s the idea behind poker training in real time.

What we liked.
The concept behind the poker training in real time is a genius. As a teaching tool, there really is nothing like playing a video of another person, as they all report their actions. If you are someone who has trouble carrying poker concepts – had a hard time viewing – then it is definitely for you. And of course, more fun. Poker follow the action as it happens – it can be very exciting. In fact, often seen videos in the comfort of my PC Media Center.
The site itself was also very nice. It is easy to navigate, and the videos have a feature that will be marked as shown, and add a note add a comment.

Very convenient.
The teachers were of variable quality. Normal teachers are great, but have the odd guest lecturer fighting has to convey your thoughts well. It is not enough to be a good poker player – you have to be a great teacher. 90% of teachers, but not all of them.
We liked the forum. This is a good place to share your poker strategies – or help – with other members and instructors (although teachers may be slow in touch with you).

We especially liked the price. No upfront fees, as some other sites, and the cost is only $ 24.99 per month. Given the improvements is your game, and the extra money you need to do is get a good deal.

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The bad things.
What are the shortcomings of the TOR? Well, have a strange error with your video and audio. I saw a video where you could not see the whole picture, and sometimes the sound quality is bad.

Reviewers can slowly return to users in the forums. In fact, customer service seems to be pretty non-existent. This is not a big deal since you do not need customer service for watching videos, but nevertheless it should be noted.

The videos can be displayed very slowly on the website, as there is no timetable for the new versions. If you just joined, this is not a problem – it has 200 existing video work through – but the former is far from ideal.

Real Poker Training is an excellent training camp, with many videos that will definitely improve your game has some flaws, but for $ 24.99 a month without Register for free, it represents excellent value for money. A breeze.

Your Guide to Compete With Online Casino

Online casino have come a long route subsequent to the commencement of web gaming. The headway of online casinos has been extraordinary and players feel widely enchanted by gambling. Playing with an unbounded and choice casino recreations all comes to straightforward notion; it is possible that you win or you lose. Online casinos offer delight and energy alongside at whatever time of the day. The quickest developing commercial enterprises, internet gambling locales are just a PC produced imitation of a conventional casino also with the diversions and tenets giving the player the size of a brilliant casino session of mixture.

Rules in backing of Casino Players
On the off chance that you absolutely control the acknowledgment in gambling, then you surely need to finish get a handle on various essential elements going before to dynamic playing on the web casino. It is unquestionably a genuineness how the web gambling earth is ordinarily confused one. You have to get on to a particular way which you are going into a sheltered spot. Which is the reason, when you are scanning for the web casino, you have to analyze on the recommendations set up by other diversion devotees along utilizing the unbeaten chances as a part of the casino? Once the web casino has expanded fruitful chances, after that it demonstrates a honest gambling way. The web casino should truly be additionally a component of the sound bookkeeping firm, which will transform the majority of your records and will store the greater part of your rewards into your trusts.

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Since there are an assortment of the web casinos nowadays, it is muddled to delineate, which could be genuine and, which could be most certainly not. In any case, on the off chance that you truly try for getting safe, you need to affirm for the data in the casino site in states of legitimacy. On the off chance that you, truth be told, can’t acquire the data, then you unquestionably need to truly not consider the danger. In Las Vegas, Nevada the casinos have acknowledged, not long after their foundation that on the off chance that they need to pull in the men to bet they have to give amusement to ladies. Free beverages were offered to the women sitting tight for their spouses or significant others who were at the tables playing.

Earn Real Money in Casino Game

BXP52548The spectacular Vegas Casino game, with a great signup bonus, actually spoils its casino gaming online clients. New real money players, including those from Canada and the USA, are welcomed with competitive player bonus rewards. They also become automatic members of an excellent loyalty rewards program, and are eligible for a bonanza of monthly promotions and cash prize giveaways.

Real casino game players are treated to a selection of more than 120 of the latest interactive games, including 13 Progressive Jackpots. More than this, however, when you join to gamble in this much respected casino game establishment, you are not just another Player.

You become a treasured member of an elite group. This is why your security and privacy are of the utmost importance. Â To this end, they safeguard your banking transactions and personal account details with tight security controls and 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Not only are you promised an entertaining real wagering experience, Vegas casino online has also made every attempt to ensure that your banking transactions remain secure and tamper proof. Many deposit options are available including major credit and debit cards, Neteller, FirePay, PaySpark, Citadel and PrePaidATM, to name but just a few.

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Rest assured that at Vegas casino online, real gaming excitement is a sure thing.The Difference Between Gambling and Casino GamingCasino gambling has long been a hot source of fierce debate among people from various religious and economic backgrounds. Â Religious authorities generally frown on any wagering because of its perceived social costs. Â This is why, in highly religious countries, no form of financial speculation is allowed. Â Most Islamic nations specifically prohibit wagering while others tend to regulate it to some extent. Many legal authorities also place some form of censorship on wagering. The law does not recognize wagers as contracts, and views consequent losses as debts of honor that cannot be enforced through the legal process.

This leads to organized crime taking over the enforcement of great debts, sometimes in a violent manner.

Since insurance contracts have many features similar to wagers, legislation makes a distinction between the two. It typically defines any agreement wherein either of the party has an interest in the outcome of the bet beyond the specified financial terms as an insurance contract. So the bet on whether ones house will burn down becomes a contract of insurance, since a person has an independent interest in the security of his home. Many people participate in playing casino game as a form of recreation and, for some, it is a means to gaining more income.

Before you become obsessed, remember that like any form of behavior, it involves variation in brain chemistry.

Thus, it can lead to disruptive behavior and psychological addiction. In brief, one can become addicted. The phenomenon of reinforcement may also make gamblers persist in playing betting games, even after incurring repeated losses.  Russian writer Dostoevsky portrays, in his short story entitled The Gambler, the psychological effects of losing, on gamblers. He suggested that the idea of great financial gains, or the get rich quick mentality, may have originated with the Russians. The Gambler shows the effect of betting money, for the chance of gaqining more money, in 19th century Europe.

The origins of Russian roulette fueled legends associating Russians with betting. Due to the negative connotations of the word, casinos and racetrack owners often use the term gaming to connote the recreational activities they offer. When you lost your life savings playing the stock market, were you gambling or gaming?Gaming is not a word that sounds as harsh to the ear as does gambling. It actually sounds smooth, suave and sophisticated, not to be scorned. A rose by any other name is still… a rose. If you plan to enjoy placing bets on the Internet, by all means please… tell everyone who needs to know, that you were indulging in a little casino gaming online.

How to Play Video Poker

video-poker-variantenHands up who has never played this game to spend a few minutes. High quality presents the Online Video Poker Microgaming!

With all the publicity that there are, especially related to poker on the Internet, it is now possible to play even video poker on the Internet. From the many online gambling rooms up to the Casino on the Internet it is relatively short, with the attractions that you might expect from a real casino, the one-arm bandit, craps, blackjack, roulette and what we are talking about, the video poker. These types of card rooms on the Internet also have the demo accounts, to try them with play money, but also invest real money and give to gambling at your leisure. Connect to this type of casinos from the Internet allows you to become familiar with the basics of video poker, without the inconvenience and the owls that peep behind you your every move.

The Poker “Aces and Faces” is a video poker than the standard ones, the aim is to achieve a combination of four figures or four Aces. The maps corresponding to the faces, are obviously the figures, while the jokers do not exist and you have available a maximum jackpot of 4000 coins.

In bars, gambling halls of the best casinos, bingo halls, are now online, but this kind of game, video poker, remains a favorite of the players from the random hazards even more. NOn united to the slot, where the randomness reigns supreme, video poker will certainly rely on luck, but the player has the right to choose which cards to keep each hand, or discard them to have them changed. So, if you attend your luck, and add us your experience and a good dose of strategy to be successful in this game is the norm for the player who knows his stuff.

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Any advice on the video poker

We have compiled a page of tips on the game that will update you on the three most popular variations. Once you read it, choose the one you think best suited to your thinking and your gameplay features. This game combines poker with slots: clearly fast, hectic and dynamic, requires heightened strategy. There are lots of places where it is possible to play video poker on the Internet, so it is difficult to make a choice among the multitude of options. Our experts have seen fit to draw for you a list of the top sites for this game of video poker.

Do not spend your time in useless against qualitative and quantitative, when you have available here for you all the knowledge and all the news that you need? We classified and evaluated tuti sites, then select your favorite and start now to play. A video poker online hand awaits you in a few clicks. Matches from the best of the casino and play right away.

A Review of the Professional Blackjack Table

great-casino1Professional blackjack table is one of the blackjack table, the most used. Professional Blackjack table is a combination of classic elegance and modern functionality.

If you want to buy a poker table for his new club theater, professional blackjack table can be a good option to consider. This is the most popular type of poker table is available in the market. This model, with its elegance and luxury is one of the most sought after casino poker table looking.

This table contains a provision wool felt with original casino. The armrests are padded for maximum luxury players. So customers will surely enjoy indulging in this luxury. Despite all the style and luxury of professional blackjack table is very easy to maintain.

There is a large table of 6-1/2 feet wide. The weight of the table is 140 kg and the measurement of the measurement is 70 * 38 * 40h. The table is comfortable for players to sit back and keep drinking vodka.

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One of the biggest advantages of this table is the armrests, which are easily removable, so it is perfect for the change is the growing sense that planning to renovate your table. The legs of the table with a solid oak. This is one of the best restaurants, and if you are looking for a small table, then this is not the place for you.

However, this table is ideal for clubs and even at home if you are a poker lover. In fact, it may be well to one of its interiors, as it has made for his table club.This an integrated chip containing 500 chips compartment seems.

It is certainly one of the most expensive paintings in the market. However, the price factor should not stop you from buying this table, as it is one of the most exclusive products in the market.

We do not review the area where the table. I think this table does not have cup holders are an important an items poker table. One of the reasons that have not yet been issued, may be due to style factor. There is nothing to fear, but because it is possible to push the cup holder that can be easily connected to a poker table.

After careful consideration, I think the professional blackjack table is one of the best ways for each club. Can be evaluated highly in all areas, such as style, strength, crafts and other design features. So if you want to buy a poker table for your club, it is useful to give a serious thought.

This table deserves a very high rating of 9 out of 10 because of the elegance and quality. If you are planning a poker table for your club, you can go ahead and buy this product safely. This table has many positive reviews from owners receive.

So without further ado, you can order the product, to be delivered to the address as soon as possible. To prepare for large crowds to his poker club to win.

A Couple Of Common Mistakes In Blackjack

PokerThe most common mistake in Blackjack that beginners make is often stiff hands (12,13,14,15 and 16). The players are naturally afraid to hit these hands, because each of them could explode (of 22 or more) in one fell swoop. But if the dealer has a high card (7, 8, 9,10 or as) is your best chance to win in easy and give you the opportunity for a better total-make has.

Some beginners think that the best way to play Live Casino blackjack, play the same way the bank: Hit sixteen and stand on all seventeen. This is not true. The goal is not to hand to beat 21 closest, but the dealer. Often, the best way to do this is to maintain the maximum sometimes as little as 12.


This is how players think: If I hit 14, could break my hand here and now. But maybe the dealer has a 6 on the hole. If I take a picture, my hand still has a chance. Perhaps the dealer’s hand.

Each player is afraid, he is responsible for his own loss. 14 But you already have the highest risk if the dealer shows a 10. You have to fight for survival of the hand below the outlet, by chance, to be a strong hand on him 10 With 14-10, you have to fight to the death.

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On the other hand, if the dealer’s first card is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, and maintaining a strong hand, it should be noted. Since the dealer must hit his stiff hands and brilliant opportunity even if you are rigid, take your weak hands is not advantageous compared to upcards weak.

Error: Some beginners think that the best Casino way to play, in the same way the bank plays: Hit sixteen and stand on all seventeen. This is not true. The goal is not to hand to beat 21 closest, but the dealer. Often, the best way to do this is to maintain the maximum sometimes as little as 12.


This is the basic logic of blackjack. There are exceptions to these rules, the decision strategy is determined factual basis for each hand, working in all mathematical odds. But if we consider this logic diagrams when considering blackjack strategy, the model can be clear and should not be too hard to remember.

3 Blackjack Myths That You Should Never Believe


Many myths Blackjack strong impact on player performance. Instead, victory, the opposite happens. Moreover, it is with the players blame each other.

The third base position.

Add more often than blackjack players fear or avoid last place. This is Casino due to the strong belief that all who take this course will greatly affect the whole game. If the game does not work, is that players often than those who saw unfavorable odds and does the opposite. For this reason, there is a sort of unwritten rule that only players with experience, that those who are more experienced and square rule can ensure a sure victory, may have to move a finger without.

But upon closer inspection, we can see that this belief has no basis at all. The profitability of individual players can not be influenced by another. This is a pure independent. If there is one thing that will certainly affect or influence the game, are the skills and knowledge of the player, not in place.

The bad luck magnet.

Players who use a different or do not use a strategy, a strategy often called bad luck magnet. It is for this reason that other blackjack enthusiasts to avoid this player. You want to stay away from the opportunity to experience a losing streak when they played with that person.

As for the venue can only influence the outcome of the game is the strategy used by others. If bad luck magnet for technical weakness, because they use or do not use one, do not affect the outcome of the game for the rest of the group. If there is someone who is very likely that there is nothing other than “bad luck magnet”. only.

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Suffer the stolen card.

Is there another card in blackjack steal really possible? Well according to some players, when another member is an immediate success only after receiving a card, the act of a will allegedly stolen these are supposed to be given to another player. For example, if player A moves and gets a card, I think the myth of player B for a true look normal once player A has stolen the map B player. required.

Once and for all, the first player Live Casino Online with nothing like the cards are dealt to do. You have no control over it. Thus, “fly” in this case is just a fictional scenario or belief. Come to think, if the card “stolen” Player B is bust, it will describe a player shot the flight.

These myths were prevented to get the most blackjack players. Unscientific beliefs were unsuccessful. Blackjack fans should know how to make your own strategies and techniques.

How to be a successful Poker Player

Poker PlayerBefore you be success Poker player use knowledge of the game, money management techniques and eventually discipline, you should start with bankroll. Many people will scrape up whatever money they can find and claim that luck, law of averages or some other illogical theory will make them a winner. It does not happen that way.

A small bankroll makes you to play scared and you will make choices that coincide with your limited money. A small bankroll is such a drawback that you will make bad moves just to stay in the game instead of wagering the house when you encounter a good hot or cold streak.

In craps, for instance, let’s say a bet calls for taking or laying odds and you do not have lots of money to do it. So you onlymake the flat bet. The bet wins, but look what your lack of bankroll has done to you! It influenced your play and forced you to change a proper betting choice since you did not have the proper bankroll, which could vary anywhere from $100 to $5,000 or more depending on your present financial situation.

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Set a loss limit

A loss limit is a limit you set on what your losses will be for a certain day, game or table. It is the limit of what you can afford to lose. Good Poker player never wager down to your last chip. A session should last until your win goal is gained or your loss limit is reached. When you lose that predetermined amount your play is over. Loss limits completely remove the possibility that you will ever go broke. A loss limit of at least 50% of your bankroll (and no more than 60%) must be observed. This means I can lose anywhere up to 60% but never more. The reason you take more money with you than you put at risk is to eliminate playing with scared money. If you are appealed to play with the extra money then you have no discipline. You can make the loss limit lower, but never below 25%. Poker player give up to recovery power the more you lower your loss limit. When you are losing you do not have to wait for your exact percentage to be reached to quit. When I’m losing at a certain point and can not get going, I realize I’m in the wrong spot and pack it in at less than my established loss limit.

Set a win goal

Just as necessary as a loss limit is the win goal. This is the amount of money you set as the goal you want to reach. This win goal should be made before your first bet, not after you get ahead. It must be set on your starting bankroll, the same as the loss limit. I oftenset my win goal at 50% but never more than 60%. That is not to say I can not win more than 50% or 60%. When I reach my goal I will continue playing until I have a loss. I will continue as long as I am still winning or breaking even. The win goal is only a point you want to reach and then guarantee your profit for the session. Win goals must be small so we can attain them easily and then go for the bigger returns.

2 Bonus Slot Poker 2 Gaming Experiences to fun-filled

Bonus Slot PokerIt is well recognized that slot game great blue which has been developed by Playtech Gaming Software is one of the best Bonus Slot Poker game’s choices. As slot game great blue has not only provided the players with a huge attractive bonus features but also the gaming experience like 3D real graphic, stereo sound effect and of course the various types of special bonus features.

Since there is nothing much worth than the bonus round free where they players can wager anything from the lowest up to the highest amount. That might be one of the reason why the world popular casino games are obviously counted slot in the list. Moreover, the below slot games have been listed for the beginners as well as the slot addicted players to have some pop-up ideas on what the next following bonus slot games should they tried for?

Under the Bed Free 3D Slot Game Online Casino: A kind of fruit machine slot game is a specialist slot game created by Betsoft gaming software producer. On top of that the Under the Bed Free slot game online is developed in the 3D visual graphic features and unique stereo sound effect. This Bonus Slot Poker will recall the players back to childhood when they often checked under the bed whether there are any monsters hided under it or not? The game will bring the players back to the time when 2 little kids, sister and a boy are trying to check under the bed and found evils and scary monsters. Meanwhile, this slot game has been designated with 5 reels and 30 paylines together with multi symbols like a bird shaped monster, the bed, the 2 children, a multi eyed orange monster and a one eyed green monster. By which the bed symbol would be considered as a bonus once the players have gathered 3x bed symbols on the reels, then the paying Bonus Round to be triggered. Additionally, if the players have earned a payout during the main game, then the winning combo shall be given to the player and it would definitely double up the payout by basing on 50% of luck to overcome a massive prize.

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Untamed Giant Panda Slot Game Online Casino: One of Microgaming’s successful Bonus Slot Poker game online casino is of course the Untamed Giant Panda Slot which is actually the second game in the series of Untamed like Wolf Pack, Bengal Tiger and now the Panda one. Basically, the Untamed Slot Series have been tailored with 5 reels and 243 ways of winning chances to encourage more players to join in. Under the game background of endangered Giant Panda who lives in the Bamboo jungles in the Chinese mountains and the players are invited to help him. Moreover, the game has been divided into 4 features, firstly is called the Collect-A-Wild which means the players would need to gather 4 tokens in one single reel, then the whole reel will change to a wild reel which is worth for 4 spins and of course the winning combination have been set up. And then gear up for the next level of the game to fun-filled and earn bigger prize.

How Does PTN Successfully Train Poker Player?

Photo gambling chips on the dark

PTN company details : PTN (Poker Training Network) is a Texas based company that provides software and tutorials to help others master the game of poker.

The company was founded in 2009 by Dennis Nadeau, one of the leading entrepreneurs and companies with experience in the development of other industries, before addressing the challenge of poker. His previous experience includes representatives from the artist, video production, computer forensics, direct sales, private investigations, concert promotions and online marketing. Nadeau seems a craftsman with years of experience in many areas, he says, helped develop a new approach to training and poker software are.

The big question : But the big question is whether PTN really promise with tutorials and software. There are different products and levels of customer interaction in various PTN networks are involved, so this is an overview of what is what in the business model PTN.

Poker-Tel – PTN technology.

A new information each poker player must know PTN is that each person plays poker in a completely different way. So, what kind of player (perhaps the best player in the world) may not work for another. Poker is a very personal about the behavior and rules for everyone else to play.

People today think your style of poker instant you get the best for you. Take pieces of their styles over time lead to “chaos” in your poker game. Poker-Tel aims to solve this problem.

Poker-Tel offers a personalized training. First, the packet from $ 50 includes a diagnostic test, and 60 hours. But there are also advanced software available, based on things like skills assessments, online seminars using articles and poker player.

The Game Room really happened. The game casino room is in Texas Hold’em is divided for each player. You can see your past mistakes, the. Analysis using hand tools Poker player can also use their skill level, receive live customer support and a draw.

PTN also offers other training packages including a similar, but reduced for those who want to spend a little less wide. But the most important question is whether PTN subsidiaries to successfully sell these products to others?.

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The NWP model – works.

PTN offers replicate to start marketing sites for your network marketing company. With its selection of education tools high quality poker, which seems to help a lot of PTN on evidence, appears to be easy to sell.

But to think that any opportunity to network marketing is easy to sell, is a big mistake (which many do, actually). The truth is that hard work in network marketing to build a name for himself, building a customer base and you have to build your downline. It requires learning the actual skills behind network marketing, rather than jump and expect others to be in poker enthusiasts.

Fortunately, anyone can learn the skills necessary to improve the best network marketing and the potential for success of a potentially lucrative business PTN.

How To Play Various Poker Games

Poker GamesPoker is a family of gambling idngoal card games involving betting and individual play, whereby the winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of players’ cards, some of which remain hidden until the end of the game. Poker games vary in the number of cards dealt, the number of shared or “community” cards, and the number of cards that remain hidden. Betting procedures vary widely among dozens of different poker game variants.

In most modern poker games, the first round of betting begins with one or more of the players making some form of a forced bet (the blind and/or ante). In standard poker, each player bets according to the rank he believes his hand is worth as compared to the other players. The action then proceeds clockwise as each player in turn must either match, or “call”, the maximum previous bet or fold, losing the amount bet so far and all further interest in the hand. A player who matches a bet may also “raise”, or increase the bet. The betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded. If all but one player folds on any round, the remaining player collects the pot and may choose to show or conceal his hand. If more than one player remains in contention after the final betting round, the hands are revealed, and the player with the winning hand takes the pot.

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Rounds of Betting

Opening deal – Each player is dealt two cards face down, which are known as hole cards or pocket cards.

First round of betting – Starting with the player to the left of the big blind, each player can call the big blind, raise, or fold. The big blind has the option to raise an otherwise unraised pot.

The flop – The dealer burns a card, and then deals three community cards face up. The first three cards are referred to as the flop, while all of the community cards are collectively called the board.

Second round of betting – Starting with the player to the left of the dealer button, each player can check or bet. Once a bet has been made, each player can raise, call, or fold.

The turn – The dealer burns another card, and then adds a fourth card face-up to the community cards. This fourth card is known as the turn card, or fourth street.

Third round of betting – It follows the same format as the second round, but the size of the bets have usually doubled in limit games.

The river – The dealer burns another card, and then adds a fifth and final card to the community cards. This fifth card is known as the river card, or fifth street.

Final round of betting – It follows the same format Skor88 as the second and third rounds.

The showdown – Using the best five-card combination of their hole cards and the community cards, the remaining players show their hands, with the bettor or last raiser showing first. The highest five-card hand wins the pot. (In case of a tie, the pot is evenly split among the winning hands.

Poker Games is a wide-reaching and mutli-faceted game that literally has hundreds of different variations. Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, Badugi, Crazy Pineapple, Chicago, Chinese, Open-Face Chinese, Guts, HORSE … the list of poker variations is, truly, a mile long.

Choose The Most Reliable Casino And Play Games Online Profitably

Reliable CasinoEveryone has different expectations about how to enjoy their leisure. Many adults fall in love with profitable gambling activities online. They prefer different casinos and play sportbooks their favorite games lucratively. They have an idea to improve their proficiency in gambling. They have geared up to choose the right casino online.

Extraordinary games in leading casinos

If you search for how to choose the Reliable casino and use the best bonus online, then you can visit this trustworthy platform right now. You will be surprised to know about every successful casino for gamblers in the UK. Experts in gambling activities these days use this portal online to make a good decision about their casino selection. They are happy to make clear their doubtful issues on the whole without any difficulty. They use special facilities such as bonuses online promptly. As a result, they realize their wishes about the most profitable gambling activities on a regular basis.

A hassle-free way to choose and use the new Reliable casino bonuses online makes gamblers happy these days. You can feel free to focus on reviews about leading casino portals online and find the best suitable games online conveniently. A list of games on the subject of the NetEnt casinos online impresses gamblers worldwide in recent times. Once you have planned to play your favorite theme of NetEnt games, you can choose this successful casino online directly. You will be satisfied with the best game selection and an easy way to make money on the go.

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The best portal for casino selection online

They use their mobile gadget and play games happily. They use this portal to enhance their knowledge about a list of games available in every reputable casino online. They will be pleased to get the complete support for gambling from the comfort of home.

Many people register in this platform online these days. They have an interest to choose a casino and games from the best options. They understand that this portal assists them for choosing an ideal casino and extraordinary games. They get the absolute support to find an ideal match. They engage in the most successful sports betting portal and make money as awaited.

Play Poker And Socialize With Your Favorite Online Buddy

PokerIsn’t the idea of associating with your online friends while trying out a game of Poker just too exciting? Am sure it is! Most of the sites have unique interactive chat feature that enables you to interact and socialize with your buddies who also share common interest in Poker.

In this regard, one of the well recognized the sites having some cool chat coordinators and promoting an interactive Poker session is New Look Poker. You can have a lively conversation with your like-minded folks and the banters can involve both gambling and non-gambling talks. This way you can pour your heart out to your peers while the game bgselalu continues on the site.

Such an incredible feature surely makes your Poker time entertaining than ever before and as a whole fills your gaming hours with colours. Nothing beats the pleasure derived out from being able to play and chat simultaneously under the same roof.

New Look Poker comes up with the best range of Poker, casino, freebets games and slots from Microgaming and Eyecon games to make your day! You can relish on these games while getting an opportunity to meet individuals across the boundaries.

There are amusing chat room games and break time quiz contests conducted to keep you delighted at any point in your gaming session. The lovely chat hosts also give you a chance to win tempting prizes and extra goodies while you participate in the chat games.

Such a friendly atmosphere certainly fosters a sense of integrity among players from different parts of the globe. What else do you need to relax yourself with other than indulging in a blend of games and chitchats on a single platform?

So, do not just listen to the story of how online Poker does wonders to the life of punters. Come aboard New Look Poker and experience by yourself the grandeur of Poker on the site. Play the Poker games, connect with your favourite dwlive88 buddies and keep winning the attractive rewards.