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Going on a trip: Belgians Prefer to Pay With Their Credit Card

This summer, the Belgians decided to go on a trip! And according to a study conducted for Neosave Bank , the credit card seems to be the ideal partner to ensure a holiday in peace and serenity. Indeed, it would be more convenient to pay with your credit card, rather than using your bank card or cash.

In order for the holidays to run smoothly, it is best to plan them well in advance. This involves choosing your destination, knowing what kind of trip you want to undertake (city-trip, nature, relaxation and relaxation, sports, …), pay for transport, provide housing, … This can be a real break-even head for some, and easier for others. And this is where the credit card can help you.

Pay for your plane ticket

In general, Belgians favor the credit card as a means of payment to make an airplane reservation when they decide to go on a trip. Indeed, this concerns more than half of them. However, we note that young people aged 18 to 34 are not yet accustomed to it and thus promote the bank card.

Nevertheless, it is interesting, from an insurance point of view, to release his Visa or his Mastercard . Indeed, depending on the type of travel card , as well as the issuing bank, you benefit from various assistance and insurance, especially in terms of travel. Think for example of insurance interruption or cancellation of luggage as well as health insurance, baggage and flight delay or missed connection.

Book your stay

Just like paying for airline tickets online, young people seem to prefer their credit card at the expense of their credit card when they decide to go on a trip. In fact, only half of them use the latter for this type of expenditure. More than a third of Belgians favor it, while only 10% decide to pay in cash.

A large part of credit cards, however, covers housing costs in case of cancellation. Thus, if you must return earlier or worse, must cancel the entire stay, you will be compensated. However, you must generally meet the following condition: have booked all or part of the stay with the card.

Expend on site

Once air tickets and accommodation booked, it’s time to go on a trip, finally! However, on-site daily expenses are a good part of the total budget. The study conducted for Neosave Bank shows that almost 40% of Belgians favor credit card payments. And once again, young people aged 18 to 34 are the ones who leave it the least, preferring the bank card and cash settlement. However, it is common for a credit card to offer different insurance related to the world of shopping. You could benefit from a Purchase Assurance, Extended Warranty or Savesafe Online.

You will certainly understand, draw his credit card to book his flight, his accommodation and pay the restaurant, shopping or any other activity, is interesting. This allows you to benefit from various benefits, such as travel and shopping insurance. But banks offering products different from each other and offering various advantages, it is essential to compare offers on the Belgian market to find out which one will be best for you. What’s better than going on a trip while being insured?