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How to Get Housing Loans Without Down Payment?

Generally, as a result of applications made for housing loans, banks make loans by paying 75 percent or 80 percent of the subject housing. The remaining 25-30 percent is paid by the applicant as a down payment when purchasing the house.

For example, if you apply to a bank that makes a maximum of 75 percent lending to buy a house worth TL 200,000, the bank lends only TL 150,000 of the value of the house.

You must cover the remaining 50,000 TL. However, people who do not have any cash money in order to be able to own a home loan product has been removed. In our article, you can examine the banks that provide housing loans without a down payment, and you can learn the demands of the institutions and the conditions for granting loans…

Can I get a housing loan without a downpayment?

Banks can now use a down payment mortgage because they provide housing support to people who have no money. For this purpose, it is sufficient to apply for various loan products offered by banks.

The reason we emphasize by saying various; While some banks provide direct loans to their customers without prepaid loans, some banks use 75 percent or 80 percent of the appraisal value as housing loans and the remaining part as housing loans.

Therefore, if you want to get a down payment for housing loans, you should carefully examine the conditions under which the bank makes loans.

To receive housing loans without a downpayment

There are actually many methods of obtaining a down payment for housing loans. The first of these is to provide loans from the banks that provide non-paid housing loans as the subject title in our article.

However, if you have applied to a bank that provides financing with the consumer loan product and you are not in a position to use a consumer loan, then you can cover 100 percent of your house as a loan by showing a property that is movable or movable.

The third option is to make the expertise value displayed high. Because the first criterion that is important for banks is the value written in the appraisal report. When you show this value high, you can credit the whole house.

The fourth method you can use if you want to get a down payment is to mortgage another property. With this method, banks that provide themselves in a way can cover their losses by cashing the mortgaged facility if no credit is allocated.

For this reason, you can get the financing you need by mortgaging a real estate that can be valued by field, detached house, garden, apartment, land and similar expertise. In this type of loan, which is offered as a mortgage loan product without a down payment, the calculation procedure is the same as the normal home loan calculation.

An application is made to the Bank together with the title deed of the real estate and an appraisal is provided to the real estate. The loan will be made over the value of the appraisal plot, second house or garden value.

Banks Providing Non-Advance Housing Loans

Some banks operating in our country offer the opportunity to use all of the housing value as loans with the credit packages they prepare for people who do not have enough money to pay down payment.

In particular, the number of financial institutions that provide housing loans at a rate of 80 percent of the house and use the remaining 20 percent as a consumer loan is quite high. We can explain this as follows: He wants to buy 200.000 TL worth of housing but you don’t have any cash.

When you apply to the bank for this, you will be offered a housing loan worth 150 thousand TL. You will be asked to use consumer or consumer loans for the remaining 50 thousand TL and this amount will be counted as the down payment of the house and you will be provided with the house without paying any down payment.